New Year - 30 Day Challenge - Starting January 1

New Year's Resolutions are popular to make but often go by the wayside. As we begin this year let's challenge ourselves with 30 days of praying for peace in our lives, in others lives, in our community, in our country, and for the world. Let us take time to speak words of peace in all kinds of situations and asking God for help to be facilitators of peace.

Possible prayers of peace centered around....


In ourselves








30 Day Challenge - Starting Nov 1

Ready to challenge yourself?

Sometimes it is hard to find time to pray or to make time. So let's challenge ourselves in the month of November. Everyday for 30 days let us pray for our neighbors who live around us. Maybe we know our neighbors or maybe we don't but that doesn't mean we can't pray for peace in their lives, or that they might know God's love.

Nov 1 - Nov 30th

Possible things to pray for

- Health for our neighbors

-Peace for our neighbors

-Joy for our neighbors

-Contentment for our neighbors

-Love for our neighbors

-Energy to good works for our neighbors

-Good relationships for our neighbors


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