Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church

Summer Sunday Worship: 10:00am

Pastor - Rev. Kara J. Hildebrandt

I am a CrossFitter, a snowboarder, traveler, coffee aficionado, book consumer, technology enthusiast, art lover, music collector, ecologically sensitive and I am currently the Pastor at Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church in Lincoln Park, MI.

I am naturally curious about the world around me and take advantage of opportunities to travel widely. My inquisitiveness extends to learning all I can about the world by reading newspapers online or magazines like the Monocle, the Box, Vanity Fair, Fast Company, Inc., The New Yorker; listening to informational podcasts like This American Life, Things Unseen; or watching TED Talks online.  

This curiosity for life has always been with me. In college I majored in History and Communication with minors in English, Psychology, and Political Science, which led to the occasion of working at Labour Party Headquarters in London. After graduate work I embraced opportunities that have allowed me to be engaged with a multitude of people regardless of age, religion, race, etc.… I value conversations because they open me up to learning, to being challenged, and to walking this journey of life with others. 

Growing up in a lower socio-economic home in rural TN did not lend easily to my curiosity but a passion for something more gave me a drive and work ethic that has propelled me and opened doors that as a child I only read about in books. 

I bring that same passion and drive to the church because I fully believe that the church is a place where we can be curious about who God is and how we as a community celebrate and challenge one another to live as God’s people amid a changing world.


Transitional Pastor - Rev. Barb McRae

Barb McRae.jpg

I'm the Transitional Minister for 1st Presbyterian Church of Wyandotte. 1st Presbyterian, a 161-year old ministry in Wyandotte, faced a decline in membership and finances over the past three years. They chose to let go of their building and move in with Lincoln Park on October 1, 2017 to become members of this church. At the Lincoln Park Church, I support both the Lincoln Park and 1st Presbyterian Churches as they work on consolidating the two congregations. I'll be working with Rev. Kara until June 30, 2018 as we move forward into the future together.

I'm a former outdoor runner with less than stellar knees so now I hang out at the gym. I read murder mysteries and non-fiction books on global and national issues, Guideposts, Presence (spiritual direction publication) and Sojourners magazines, lots of books on ministry leadership and theology, and the New York Times and Huffpost.

Folk music has been a long-time love. My husband of 20 years and I met at a folk music camp. We attend concerts, do contra and English Country dancing, and occasionally play guitar and recorder together. We have a teenage daughter and two cats.

Over the years, I have been passionate about a variety of ministry areas: Children's Ministry—children should be seen and heard in worship. Spirituality—we are called to a personal relationship with God  through which we are loved, guided, challenged and called. Community Building—living in connection with others is essential to our faith lives. It's all about relationships. Leadership—clergy and lay leaders need accountability to lead congregations well. No lone rangers needed. Social Justice: read Matthew 25:34-40 and Luke:4:18-19.

I'm excited about the coming together of Lincoln Park and 1st Presbyterian Churches. The energy at Lincoln Park is contagious and I look forward to seeing where their energy and vision will take them.

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