Sunday, November 4, 2018 - "Hopeful Freedom"

The story of Ruth offers us freedom in so many but what does it say when we are in the midst of grief or tragedy?


Ruth 1:1-18

Hymns and Other Music

As the Deer

To God Be the Glory

My Life Flows On

Celtic Communion

For All the Saints

Reflection Questions

How has losing someone you love changed you?

How do you support others when there has been a loss of any kind?

What does moving forward look like for you after a loss of some kind?

How have you been supported when experiencing loss of any kind and how did that experience impact you?

How hard is it to accept help from someone else?

Bible Challenge

Young Disciples

Who was Obed? Clue: Ruth 4


Who did Jesus say to beware of? Clue: Mark 12

Lincoln Park Presbyterian: Experiencing God's Abundant Love