Sunday, July 8, 2018 - "How do we lead?"

Today we delved into the topic of leadership and what that means even when we are more of a follower.


2 Samuel 5:1-10

Psalm 48:1, 9, 13b-14

Mark 6:6b-14

Hymns and other Music

Great Are You, Lord

Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah

Our God Is an Awesome God

As the Deer

Let it Be

Guide My Feet

Reflection Questions

How do you choose whom to follow?

How do you recognize who is a leader and who isn't?

What do you think are qualifications for leaders?

Have you ever been surprised or disappointed by someone you thought was a leader?

What must you let go of to follow God?

How do you characterize God's leadership?

Bible Challenge

Young Disciples

What did David ask God? Clue: 2 Samuel 5


Who did David Defeat? Clue: 2 Samuel 5

Lincoln Park Presbyterian: Experiencing God's Abundant Love