Sunday, February 3, 2019

Theme: What in the Bible Makes us Curious?

Questions: How did Noah stop the animals from eating one another on the ark? Did God have to work special magic?

Where did Jesus get his money to live on to be able to preach?

Why do we never hear of miracles anymore? They seemed so common in the Bible are we just too skeptical today?


Genesis 7:6-9, 17-24

Luke 8:1-3

1 Corinthians 12:1, 4-11

Hebrews 2:4

Hymns and Other Music

All Who Hunger, Gather Gladly

Open My Eyes, That I May See

Take My Life

Iā€™m Gonna Live So God Can Use Me

Further Exploration


Genesis 7 - 9

2 Corinthians 12

Galatians 3

Sermon Series

Exploring the Questions

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How many happy passages are in the Bible?

How does God show us how to control our temper?

What verses in the Bible will tell me about patience?

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