Sunday, April 14, 2019 - "Life's Messy Situations"

Life’s Messy Situations

Navigating life when we are in the middle of pain and joy.


Mark 11:1-11

Luke 19:39-40

John 12:17-19

Palm 118:1-2

Hymns and Other Music

I Will Enter His Gates

All Glory, Laud, and Honor

Ride On! Ride On in Majesty!

Hosanna, Blessed is He Who Comes

Pressing On

Savior, like a Shepherd Lead Us

Reflection Questions

How have you met resistance when trying to do the right thing?

Have you ever struggled with doing the right thing when it is not the popular position?

Have you ever felt like things were going well on one level yet another everything was falling apart?

Who is important to you when you are facing difficulties?

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